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Our Number One Partner:

Our main partners at Yukon Heli Ski is the wildlife in this very wild remote region.mountaingoat

We take our wildlife avoidance programs very seriously and spend a considerable amount of time and expense on mapping, ground truthing, and flight path avoidance in areas of high winter ungulate habitat. We employ a leading Yukon biology firm to do our goat study and mapping programs so our guides can learn how to avoid these animals in their prime winter habitat.
We are very fortunate that goats simply do not like the same terrain that we use for heli skiing.

Our helicopters have iPads installed in each machine and we use a custom made, advanced mapping program for helicopter flight path avoidance of certain high value winter goat range within our territory. We share this information with local First Nations offices and mapping their lands and game managers. We also use full time flight tracking systems in our machines and at base office in Whitehorse to allow a environment official or Conservation officer to view our daily flight plans to make sure our pilots are adhering to the flight plans allowed to us by the Ministry of Environment.

Goats, if sited in our ski tenure, are talked about in our daily guides meetings and noted on our daily logs. These animals have more right in this area than we do playing on skis, so we take our goat management very seriously.




The Yukon is one of the best places on earth to view Northern Lights. Find out some interesting facts about Aurora Borealis from Canadian Georgraphics website.

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